January 20, 2017


Taylor Girlz Break Down the Positive Spin Behind 'Steal Her Man'

After Taylor Girlz's breakout single "Steal Her Man" became a viral smash on social media last year, they are ready to make an even bigger wave in 2017. While the title of the track may raise a few eyebrows, the Atlanta-bred sisters tell Fuse they aren't actually nudging people to be homewreckers.

"It's really a confidence booster. It makes women feel good about themselves," group member Ti explains. "They look in the mirror and they feel beautiful, and they could steal somebody's man from time to time. We started to notice a lot of women telling us, 'You guys make me feel beautiful singing this song.' So it's really not a negative term."

Watch above as Taylor Girlz recall the recording process behind "Steal Her Man."