January 26, 2017


#TBT 2012: BIGBANG Discusses the Rapid Spread of K-Pop

With a career spanning over 10 years—a lifetime in K-pop—BIGBANG has played an integral part in the worldwide fandemonium over Korean music and pop culture. Back in 2012, the veteran group spoke with Fuse about the driving force behind K-pop's growing influence and appeal.

Group leader G-Dragon cited internet culture and social media as crucial factors in K-pop's spread. "If people hear or see Korean music and culture through various channels of communication like Youtube, it helps spread it," he explains.

Having previously linked up with Diplo, BIGBANG also discussed what it was like collaborating with a foreign producer.

"It was very natural," says T.O.P. "I think it was a good match—a free style, making the music we wanted to do." Bandmate Taeyang added, "The foreign producers we've worked with have the same style, working freely and spontaneously. And seeing their work, I was really inspired."

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