January 20, 2017


WTF Do You Do? Behind the Scenes With Costume Designer Charlese Antoinette

In the latest edition of our new digital series WTF Do You Do? Fuse's Teddy Tutson heads to an actual film set in Los Angeles. We've got exclusive access behind the scenes to step inside the world of professional costume designer and stylist, Charlese Antoinette.

Antoinette's worked on film, television series and commercials for years, but is sure to let us know it doesn't happen overnight. "I did a lot of shitty jobs...but that's kind of what you have to do to break in," she tells Fuse.

Taking us inside the wardrobe trailer on set, Charlese breaks down how she does her job. From initial brainstorming with the project's director to eventually seeing her work come to fruition on the screen, she loves the ability to be creative, but always mainst constant attention to detail and organization.

Above, watch Charlese explain the ins and outs of her career and reveal the films that first sparked her interest in entertainment and costumes as a child. Below, watch another edition of WTF Do You Do? with NYC-based photographer and creative director Dirty Souf Yankee: