January 13, 2017


Yvng Swag Explains How He Accidentally Started Rapping With 'Fall In Luv'

"Yo, I guess I'm 'bout to start taking this music serious now," begins 17-year-old Yvng Swag's "Fall in Luv." The Maryland dancer-turned-rapper tells Fuse in the interview above that he originally uploaded a halfhearted clip of himself mumble-rapping to a beat, only to find fans demanding a real track.

The result is a heater Yvng Swag hopes will get people to "smile, have like a happy vibe and just feel some release." He's since scored an Atlantic record deal and begun working under the mentorship of Nick Cannon.

"My EP definitely is gonna be fun," Yvng Swag tells us, teasing a track called "What to Do" that his followers are already familiar/in love with. And don't worry: "You can dance to every single song," he promises.

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