February 7, 2017


My First Obsession: GTA's Julio Mejia Shows Love for Bruce Lee

We all grew up idolizing a childhood hero, whether that person was a parent, a musician, an athlete, or anyone else who consistently left an impression on us. Julio Mejia, one-half of EDM duo GTA, recalled being totally obsessed with the legendary Bruce Lee.

"I've seen every Bruce Lee interview, movie. Did Taekwondo for eight years because I love Bruce Lee. I'm a black belt because I love Bruce Lee. He was my hero," the Miami native tells Fuse. "I'm still obsessed, man."

Matt Toth, who grew up listening to a mixture of salsa, merengue and disco, said that music was the only thing he was ever truly obsessed with.

"When I was in high school, I got really into rock—classic rock and metal and stuff—so I picked up the guitar and taught myself for a long time," he explains. "That's kind of how I got into producing music...and then it just kind of spiraled into electronic music."

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