February 9, 2017


Nick Cannon Reacts to Wonder Girls Disbandment News: Watch

A couple weeks back, news broke that beloved K-pop group Wonder Girls were calling it quits after roughly a decade in the industry. Nick Cannon, whose 2012 project Wonder Girls at The Apollo marked a major milestone in the girls' careers, did not hide his surprise about the group's disbandment.

"The Wonder Girls are breaking up?!" he exclaims. "All those young ladies are definitely super talented. They introduced me to K-pop and just that whole solid, amazing fan base that started in Korea and went global."

Cannon added that it's always tough for groups to stay together in the long run. "There's always at one point, a group breaks up—especially artists. Artists want to be free and do their own thing, so groups never stay together."

It's safe to say that the Wonder Girls have been one of K-pop's most influential acts. Along with dropping multiple chart-toppers, the JYP Entertainment group took major steps in crossing over stateside, gaining millions of fans both in Korea and abroad.

For more on the Wonder Girls' disbandment, check out Fuse's K-Stop podcast below: