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Steve Aoki Calls 'Just Hold On' the 'Most Human Song, Human Production' He's Ever Made

The DJ/producer tells us about "Just Hold On" featuring Louis Tomlinson and its impact around the world

Right before the new year, Steve Aoki and One Direction's Louis Tomlinson released their "Just Hold On" collab and the uplifting track instantly topped the charts. In the interview above, Aoki tells Fuse that despite all the many songs he's put out over the years, he still can't process the speed and impact his latest song has had around the world. 

Working with Louis has been an incredible honor for Aoki. "We worked on the song together from A to Z, says the GRAMMY nominated producer. "Every step of the way Louis was involved in the process. He's one of the most creative, talented people I've met."

Watch above for more details on song and the touching concept of the music video. Below, Aoki discusses his GRAMMY nominated Netflix documentary, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead which gives fascinating background on his roots:

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