February 3, 2017


The Taylor Girlz Detail Upcoming Debut EP, Getting Down to Business & More: Watch

The Taylor Girlz may be young and all about fun, but they are ready to get to business and reveal what they are going to do next. The versatile and vibrant trio started their viral sensation with their song "Steal Her Man" and the growing dance challenges that followed. Now they are ready to release their EP Who Are These Girlz? and showcase more of what they have to offer.

"I really love this EP because it still gives you the fun songs and it shows that we can really—yeah, our real side. Yeah we're fun, but it's time to get to business too," says member Ti. "We've always made music, so we have a huge... like we have so many songs. It was just time to put those songs out."

You can look forward to the debut EP Who Are These Girlz? February 24. It's guaranteed to have a song for everyone—so you can play it anytime, anywhere. 

Next up, watch Ti, Daysha and Tiny recall the recording process behind "Steal Her Man" below: