February 9, 2017


#TBT 2006: AFI Praises Community Vibe of Warped Tour

In our latest edition of #TBT, we rewind back to 2006 when AFI hit the road for Warped Tour. The band discussed the tour's genuinely positive atmosphere, as well as one of the more challenging aspects of being on the road.

"There's a very community-based vibe here...It's a very rigorous tour, so everyone sort of unites in the struggle that is Warped Tour," says frontman Davey Havok. "If you are working out under a tent in the rain, and someone is running their merchandise to the stage, they'll come and hide under your tent...And that will be okay even if you don't know them."

But touring can also get extremely...dirty. Recalling their 1999 Warped Tour experience, the California natives admitted they slept directly on the ground at times. And when it rained, they slept underneath vans.

"The little wipey things, the little baby wipes—those help a lot," adds Havok.

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