February 23, 2017


#TBT 2014: The Chainsmokers Talk '#Selfie' and Newfound Fame

Three years ago, The Chainsmokers struck viral gold when they unleashed "#Selfie," a single that started as a joke and ended up topping the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic chart. For this week's #TBT episode, we take fans back to the duo's pre-GRAMMY days.

On the success of "#Selfie," Drew Taggart described it as simply a "fun song" with a great beat. "I think a lot of people identify with it or know someone like that."

The producers also shouted out Mexico, whose fans made them feel like rockstars while performing abroad.

"We're like One Direction down there. We played for, like, 4,000 people," Taggart says. "We just walked to the side of the stage, and they'd recognize us."

Next, watch The Chainsmokers discuss their star-studded remix albums: