March 30, 2017


'Carrie Pilby's' Bel Powley & William Moseley Talk Character Chemistry

We sat down with English actor Bel Powley and Narnia's William Moseley to talk about their roles in Carrie Pilby. Powley plays the somewhat relatable character Carrie, a teenage genius from England struggling with fitting in the Big Apple. 

"I guess I relate to Carrie in a way that I think that most young people are kind of searching for something. She really doesn't know who she is, she doesn't know where she is coming from, she does not know where she is going. But I think most people in there twenties kind of have that little bit."

Cy (Moseley) steps into the film as Carrie's neighbor and a potential love interest. Cy enjoys Carrie's off the wall, quirky personality and is kind of bemused by her, Moseley tells us.

"I kind of relate to that because I kind of like to met characters in life that are a bit quirky, exactly."

You can catch the romantic comedy/drama in select theaters this Friday, March 31. While you wait, watch a White Guy Talk Show outtake of Jason Ritter—who is also in Carrie Pilby—where he surprises the hosts with his choice of favorite cartoon character.