March 23, 2017


Russ Reflects on the Journey of Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing

As Russ continues to rise in the music industry, he never forgets the crew that helped with his journey along the way. The singer-songwriter-producer, who is our latest Fuse First artist, breaks down Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing, a website that turned into a small empire and a great mindset for Russ and his friends.

"It's funny how prophetic we were. We were doing music every day, but it's funny to tie that idea that was formed at 17 and tie it back in to the fact that I ended up doing a song every week. Great brand alignments," the artist says with a smile.

Watch above for more from Russ including why he stopped using MediaFire and how the name Do It Everyday Music Or Nothing first came about. Then below, see why he considers Drake and Kanye West his "sparring partners."

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