March 24, 2017


James Blunt Says Ed Sheeran Is Not Great With Secrets, 'But He's a Phenomenal Songwriter’

Four years after Moon Landing, the "You're Beautiful" singer-songwriter is ready to reveal a new side of himself with his latest release The AfterloveJames Blunt's fifth studio album is unlike any of his past music and he is thrilled to have tapped into a different sound while working with a few major artists. 

"I took two years and made an album that for me is more upbeat and it is not just me on a guitar singing some miserable songs," he says. "I think I kind of put together a dream team of people to help. I worked with Ed Sheeran and Ryan Tedder, who is the lead singer of One Republic."

Blunt also shares how he taught Ed Sheeran "how to ski by day" and Sheeran taught him "how to write songs by night." Watch the full interview above for more. 

Below, take a trip down memory lane with an episode of Daily Download where the singer talks about the meaning behind his 2006 smash hit "You're Beautiful" and its music video: