March 30, 2017


New Found Glory Tell Fans 'Don't Pee' When Attending Their 20th Anniversary Tour

Pop-punk veterans New Found Glory recently kicked off their 20th anniversary tour to celebrate two decades of classic material. The quartet sat down with Fuse to discuss the impact of performing their first six albums in full—in front of fans who have waited years to hear their favorite deep cuts.

"We rehearsed 75 different songs for this tour...and some of these songs, we have never played live," says drummer Cyrus Bolooki. "So it's been pretty awesome for us to like be able to play these. A lot of these fans have been waiting to hear these songs...It's cool when you go to shows and the crowd is singing louder than the sound system!"

Chad Gilbert recalled a particular deep cut off Catalyst, "Your Biggest Mistake," that garnered a huge response on tour. "That reaction was really loud, and the singing for that is pretty overwhelming."

By announcing ahead of time which albums they'd perform at which shows, New Found Glory gave fans flexibility in choosing the shows that best fit their interests. But each show's setlist still contains surprises, so there's never a throwaway moment.

"You never can go to the bathroom, basically," Gilbert jokes.

Next, watch New Found Glory preview their upcoming new album Makes Me Sick and discuss the new sounds they explore on the project: