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'Power Rangers' Cast Excited to Join Beloved Franchise, Talks Fighting Styles: Watch

The five Rangers discussed the evolution of the '90s hit show and the difficulty of using stunt doubles on set

The long-awaited return of one of TV's most successful '90s shows is finally here.

Since the announcement of the Power Rangers film, nostalgic fans of the popular superhero franchise have been eagerly anticipating the reboot out Friday, March 24. RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger), Becky G (Yellow Ranger), Ludi Lin (Black Ranger), Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger) and Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger) sat down with Fuse to discuss what it was like morphing into their childhood heroes.

Lin revealed that having stunt doubles wasn't easy when filming the more intense scenes. "A lot of the action shots were all one take from top to bottom, so it was very hard to insert a stunt double."

The actors also praised the franchise's emphasis on showcasing diversity throughout the years.

"Power Rangers has always been ahead of the curve as far as diversity goes, and I feel like it's definitely evolving," says Becky G. "To be a part of the evolution of something that's already been so established...is really exciting for all of us as actors."

Next, watch the cast of the new Power Rangers movie introduce each of their characters:

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