April 3, 2017


Ruth B. Gives the Story Behind 'Superficial Love' Video, Shares Her No. 1 Inspiration

Hot off the release of her brand new "Superficial Love" video, we're proud to name Ruth B. our latest Fuse First artist! Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, the 21-year-old rose from Vine fame to deliver a sparkling debut EP, The Intro, on Columbia Records in 2015. More recently, we've been bumping "In My Dreams" since it dropped in November.

Watch our Ruth B. interview above to learn why Lauryn Hill is her No. 1 musical influence, which fellow spunky Canadian songstress inspired her as a kid and what scene in "Superficial Love" is her favorite.

Of the song's meaning, she tells Fuse:

"I just think sometimes in life you meet people who want to be in your life for all the wrong reasons, and you don't know what their intentions are. When I wrote that song, that was kind of me just saying, 'Okay, I'm done with this relationship, I know it's completely superficial and there's something better out there for me.'"

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