Sinner Sinners Drop Twisted 'Desperation Saved Me…' Video Ahead of Album Release: Premiere

Sinner Sinners are gearing up to release their new album Optimism Disorder next week and we're happy to bring you the latest, twisted visual to get you hyped for the new record.

Premiering exclusively on Fuse, the Jeremy Thomas–directed video for "Desperation Saved Me..." brings the band's signature, throwback-inspired blend of early-'80s hardcore and '70s goth punk to a visual whose story you have to watch to the end to grasp the full meaning. Watch above as one woman becomes seemingly terrorized by being the only one who can hear Sinner Sinners banging through their all-so-real lyrics ("I'd rather think of nothing / Than not think at all") while all the her dinner party guests go about eating and drinking.