March 7, 2017


Sweet Crude Bring Feel-Good, Bilingual Jam 'Laissez les Lazy': Exclusive Premiere

New Orleans is famous for its blend of American and French culture and it boasts an exciting new band that captures the city's unique linguistic flavor and wraps it in feel-good, rock-pop creations. Fuse is proud to bring you the latest track from Louisiana's very own Sweet Crude with "Laissez Les Lazy," which you can hear right here first.

"Laissez Les Lazy"—a pun-driven song title that translates to "Let the Lazy" in English—stays true to sextet's fascinating brand of bilingual storytelling to detail the excitement and fear in making the decision of committing yourself to someone else. The feeling is perhaps best sonically captured as Alexis Marceaux sings on the chorus, "Here's your chance! / The door is wide open / Here's your chance! / The chance to start over" before a group whoop ends the section and the track moves into a fuzzy electro-rock breakdown. 

"Cheese alert: 'Laissez les Lazy' is about our bassist getting married," Sweet Crude member Sam Craft tells Fuse of the band's new track. "It has to do with all the love, anxiety, fear, and excitement of thinking about spending the whole rest of your life with another human. The title literally means 'let the lazy,' and comes from a weirdly dark line in the first verse, 'laissez les lazys mourir seuls' ('let the lazy die alone'). We liked the cross-language pun and the message that sometimes you have to take a chance on love and life."

Looking ahead in 2017, Sweet Crude will perform at SXSW, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and support upcoming concerts from Lake street Dive, Royal Teetha and NOLA's very own and Queen of Bounce star Big Freedia,. You can look out for the band to continue on the festival circuit this year, but until then get your fix with this live performance video of Sweet Crude song "Little Darlings" live below: