March 30, 2017


#TBT 2012: Trey Songz Unfazed by Radio's Lack of R&B Content

In our latest episode of #TBT, we rewind to 2012 when Trey Songz sounded off on the state of mainstream R&B.

Despite the lack of quality R&B songs on the radio "due to lack of the music being made," the "Heart Attack" singer remained steadfast in his commitment to making music that his fans love. "I think it's important that I stay right here," he told Fuse.

"Music nowadays is so disposable, and everything is so transient that fans will look over it if it's not drilled into them," Trey said. "If you don't super-serve the people that love you the most, they'll abandon you as if you abandoned them."

Next, check out Trey on Fuse's Revealed as he looks back on how far he's come since his debut: