April 17, 2017


'Besterday' Podcast: The Christina Aguilera Appreciation Episode

What's up homies! Besterday is back with a dope new episode! Bianca Gracie's weekly pop culture nostalgia podcast will remind you of all the throwback one-hit-wonder jams you listened to on your Walkman and the classic Nickelodeon shows you craved.

This week, we are joined by Fuse's own features editor, Jeff Benjamin! We are honoring Christina Aguilera for this appreciation episode, and we look back at all the iconic moments throughout her debut album and Stripped era. And as always, we also break down the latest news on upcoming movie and TV remakes (you know those are never slowing down!) and music updates.

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In this episode, we chat about:

—Our favorite songs on Xtina's first two albums
—Our early memories of becoming a fan of the singer
—Why she didn't get enough praise for being a young feminist icon
—A debate whether Speidi should be procreating or not

And, of course, we reveal our favorite throwback songs of the week!

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