April 7, 2017


Computer Games: Darren Criss & His Brother Chuck Introduce Their New Band

We all know Glee star Darren Criss is as musical as he is handsome, but did you know his brother Chuck is musically inclined, too? The talented brothers, who go by Computer Games as a pop duo, stopped by Fuse to tell us all about their new EP Lost Boys Life and how the group came to be. Speaking of brothers, next week is National Siblings Day and Fuse is celebrating with episodes of Moesha, Sister Sister and more shows featuring that #SiblingLove, starting Monday at 2/1c.

"We grew up playing music together," Darren reveals. Explaining why they decided to put out the EP, Chuck jokes, "It's kind of a selfish thing. We did it for ourselves...and we're happy with whatever else comes from it." What can listeners expect? The guys say late '80s dance hits were an inspiration. "Relentlessly, unapologetically big and fun tracks," Darren says with a grin.

Above, watch the Criss boys (yeah, let's not use that one again) tell us the benefits of working together as brothers, not just bandmates. Below, check out a throwback Fuse interview with Darren Criss telling us about the fist-bump faux pas he committed when meeting President Obama: