April 21, 2017


'Gotham's Erin Richards Says Barbara Has 'Another Huge Transformation' Coming

The second half of Gotham's Season 3 premieres Monday (April 24) and continues to drift to an even darker place. Among the monsters Dr. Hugo Strange created, James "Jim" Gordon making questionable choices, Penguin's love for power over Gotham City and now the rise of the Riddler a.k.a. Edward Nygma, we can't fathom what lies ahead. 

Fuse sat down with Gotham star Erin Richards to discuss the transformation of Barbara Kean, and how she plays into Penguin's fall and Edward Nygma's rise. "We took her from a place where she was supposed to be this shining light for Jim Gordon...and then very quickly we sort of realize that that kind of character can't exist in Gotham because it is such a dark place," says the Welsh actress. 

"Each season she's had a very specific rebirth, almost and every time I got to rebirth her I was able to come up with a new character in a way. And then at the end of this season there's going to be another huge transformation for her. The transformation that's going to happen at the end of the season is a big secret, so I can't give anything away but it will involve me reading more comic books." 

That's okay, Erin! We'll just have to tune in to in the next eight episodes of Season 3.

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