April 4, 2017


Famous Advice: Motionless in White Reveal How They Dealt with Haters

The bands at Warped Tour 2016 had plenty to tell Fuse when asked to share advice and memories that ultimately helped shape their careers. In our latest installment of Famous AdviceMayday ParadeState Champs, Motionless in White and more pass along words of encouragement.

State Champs praised All Time Low for welcoming them with champagne on their first day on tour together, a sentiment that they've since echoed as veterans themselves. "Now that we're starting to headline, we want to treat the bands that are on our tour to be super respectful and thank them and get to know them all."

Motionless in White, whose career got off to a rocky start thanks to heckling fans, were motivated by Bleeding Through's Brandan Schieppati to ignore the haters and continue performing.

"You're doing nothing wrong. Keep doing exactly what you're doing. It gave people a response. It made them react. Even though it wasn't positive, you made them do something," Schieppati told them.

Next, watch Motionless in Motion gush about their love for Pennsylvania and the 570: