April 20, 2017


Jake Miller Teases New Project '2AM in L.A.,' Talks Producing 'Bedroom Tracks'

The 24-year-old rapper/singer dropped his R&B-pop Overnight EP last summer and showed fans a deeper, darker side of him with tracks like "Could've Been Me" and "Astronaut." Jake Miller continues to tap into a different sound and recently gave Fuse exclusive details on his upcoming project. 

"I haven't told anybody this, but I have a project coming out soon called 2AM in L.A.," says Miller. The inspiration behind the project derives from the artist channeling his emotions after being single for the first time in eight years. "If you're single in L.A. it's always a weird time, you are either going home alone or sitting in bed overthinking while your friends are at a party...being in this break up, in this weird space and you know I just moved to L.A. kind of recently and I have a new group of friends." 

The original OG fans can expect a few verses from Miller on the new project as well as more "Bedroom Tracks" produced and written solely by him.

Below, watch a slightly younger Jake Miller open up about his rise to fame and his early days as a math wiz kid: