April 28, 2017


Lea Michele Talks Going Back to Her 'Roots and Theatrical Background' on 'Places'

With the fresh release of her second album, Lea Michele stopped by Fuse to chat about what fans can expect on her new album Places and how this experience differs greatly from recording her debut.

Places illustrates gentle, emotional melodies and showcases who the actress/songwriter is an artist. "I think my fans can expect with my new album Places is just a true sound of who I am. And it does go back to my roots and my theatrical background, and it just sounds like me. So I think when you listen to this record you're just going to say 'oh that doesn't sound like anyone, but Lea Michele.'"

Lea expresses how difficult it was to record her first record while in the midst of filming Glee "It was both professionally and personally an extremely busy time in my life with so much going on... So it was hard for me to then go into the studio on the weekends and then say 'well then who am I alone or who am I as a solo artist?'" 

The star was in a completely different mindset for Places. Of course she was busy with Scream Queens, but the horror-comedy allowed her to isolate the music separate from television. 

Watch the in-depth interview above where she also reveals her musical influences and advice she received from the iconic Liza Minnelli. Below, look back at the Lea's debut album Louder with our interview: