April 20, 2017


Ocean Park Standoff Explain Why They Prefer Releasing EPs

Fresh off the release of their self-titled EP, Ocean Park Standoff stopped by Fuse to chat about their debut single and why they prefer recording smaller projects over full-length albums.

"We, as a group, since there's three of us, have so many different genres that we're influenced by individually and together...We don't want to be defined by a particular sound," says Ethan Thompson. "We want to be able to be open to what we are currently feeling in that moment. We feel like if we're releasing EPs, we won't have to be married to a particular sound."

The trio, who dropped their debut single "Good News" in October, attributed the song's success partly to "what's going on in the world." The song's message of seeking positive change is exactly what they hope fans continue to embrace.

"If we have a chance to have a platform to do something positive and a chance to get people to escape what's going on in their daily lives and in the world, then that's where we want to be as a band."

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