April 6, 2017


Ruth B. Looks Back on Her Growth From Vine to 'Lost Boy'

Ruth B. is one of the most exciting young pop artists to emerge recently, but many of her fans have been following her since her Vine days. The singer-songwriter, who is our latest Fuse First artist, explains how she first gained popularity on the video app by covering songs like Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home" and Rae Sremmurd's "No Flex Zone."

Soon, the 21-year-old sought inspiration from ABC's Once Upon a Time series that later led to the creation of her 2015 "Lost Boy" smash. The singer tells us,

"When people reacted to it, I knew they were reacting to something I had made versus something I was just singing. That really got me falling in love with writing my own music. It was nice to see that shift from just a Viner to a songwriter as well, and it was really cool to see people finding meaning in my words."

Watch above for more Ruth B., including the reason why songwriting has become so much more than a hobby. Then below, see the artist share her ultimate music inspiration.

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