April 28, 2017


‘Show Me Democracy’ Documents Protesters Shutting Down Traffic on Interstate 70

Protests were held throughout the nation after Michael Brown was shot and killed on August 9, 2014. Prominent activists continued to express and seek justice throughout the city of St. Louis a year after. 

Show Me Democracy director Dan Parris captured Brittany—a former St. Louis education policy intern—strategically planning a protest to take place on one of the busiest and dangerous highways in Missouri, Interstate 70. 

"Disruption is a critical piece of protest. You can't grasp people's attention to let them know that you're here to effect change unless you inconvenience them or make them uncomfortable somehow, someway," Brittany calmly explains. 

On that day, eight lanes of traffic were stopped for 20 minutes during rush hour. Watch the trailer for Show Me Democracy below depicting protests of all types.

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