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Watch All Time Low Take Our 'Which Pop-Punk Band Are You?' Quiz

We're pretty proud of our personality quizzes on Fuse.tv so when pop-punk vets All Time Low stopped by we HAD to get them to take this quiz. Did they get themselves? Watch and find out.

It's no secret personality quizzes have been having a moment on the Internet for a few years. But what happens when a band who's in the final results of a quiz actually takes it themselves? When All Time Low stopped by Fuse to chat about their new album Last Young Renegade, we couldn't resist asking them to take one of our most popular quizzes: Which Classic Pop-Punk Band Are You?

Above, watch the band take our quiz and see if they can get themselves as a result. ... that is, if all four members can come to an agreement for every question and make it through the quiz. "I'd say New Jersey," two of the guys exclaim for "pick a state." "Okay...but we're not gonna get us, I'm just sayin'," replies frontman Alex Gaskarth shaking his head.

Watch the fun clip above and find out which pop-punk band All Time Low turned out to be. Was it themselves?

Below, watch the band tell us about writing and recording their "darker" upcoming seventh studio album, Last Young Renegade:

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