May 12, 2017


B.o.B Completes His 'Elements' Project with New Album 'Ether'

After dropping mixtapes Water, Fire, Earth and AirB.o.B is back with a full-length album to round out his Elements project. Titled Ether, the LP marks the rapper's first studio album since Underground Luxury in 2013.

"Ether refers to the etheric realm in which all matter and all energy move through," he tells Fuse, explaining that his album represents the fifth element. "A lot of the Eastern traditions and beliefs recognize chi, the energy that you can't see. It's the unseen."

Rather than take on all of the production work himself, the 28-year-old "opened the doorway for more outside influences" this time around. "To finish it off with the fifth element—with the Ether tape—I wanted to make it more of a grandiose grand finale."

"When I put out the Elements was literally just artistic expression that turned into a following and a movement," he recalls. "The history of my discography has been like Alice In Wonderland. It's like going down this rabbit hole."

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