May 5, 2017


Def Jam's Rising Singer Brenda Mada Explains Debut Single 'House Party'

She's 18, stunting and getting it. Fairly new to the States, Brenda Mada stopped by Fuse to introduce her debut single "House Party" and shares the story behind the sultry lyrics.

The fresh single delivers a fun solution to a relatable dilemma many teens Mada's age probably experience. "You're a young person and you can't really go to the club, but you're throwing your own house party at home," the Belgian singer explains. 

The rising star didn't always have intentions of singing, but found her voice at a very young age with the help of a vocal coach and studying the tones of her biggest musical inspirations such as Ella Fitzgerald. 

Watch the full interview above where the Belgian singer shares her biggest musical inspirations. Get familiar with the playful track below: