May 25, 2017


Starley Shares the Psychic Story Behind Her Unique Name: Watch

A name like Starley sticks with you just like how the fizzy beat and undeniably uplifting hook of her breakout single "Call on Me" stays in your head. The latest Fuse First artist shares the meaning behind her name that seemingly proved her mother a psychic and dictated her fate.

Starley shares:

"When I was born, my mum wanted to name Starley. She said she knew I was going to be a famous singer. My mum is very intuitive, she's almost psychic—I can't even explain it, she always knows when something is going to go wrong...but she wanted to name me Starley and my Dad said, 'No, we're not naming her Starley, that's such an airy-fairy name, that's a terrible name!' My mom said, 'No, she's going to be famous, we have to call her Starley. She's going to be a great singer.' So, she put her foot down."

The singer-songwriter adds that while she resented the odd name when she was young, she grew to love and embrace what Starley represented as she got more and more into singing.

Watch the full interview above to learn more about how Starley's upbringing, parents and siblings shaped who she is today. Then below, learn more about the incredible story that created "Call on Me."

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