May 20, 2017


'Right Footed' Extra: Watch Jessica Cox Put in Contacts With Her Feet

Jessica Cox was born without arms but hasn't relied on prosthetics since she was a teenager. In a web-exclusive scene from Right Footed, our latest Fuse Docs film, Jessica heads to her eye doctor for an exam and new contact lenses.

Jessica's doctor reveals that when patients are frustrated by not being able to put in contacts at first, he uses photos of Jessica using her feet to put them in to inspire them. "If Jessica can do it, you can do it," he tells them.

Above, watch Jessica demonstrate how she uses her feet to put in contacts. "Every time there's something that seems to be impossible, I think about you, in those days, putting on those contacts," Jessica's doctor reveals in a touching moment.

Below, Right Footed star Jessica Cox tells Fuse why the initial discomfort of a new challenge gives her "room to learn" and why taking the first step towards a goal is often the hardest part.

Plus, watch the full Right Footed documentary now.