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'Right Footed' Extra: Jessica Cox Shops For Wedding Shoes

Check out a deleted scene from the inspiring documentary about Jessica Cox, the world's first armless pilot, two-time black belt, motivational speaker and disabilities advocate

Jessica Cox was born without arms but hasn't relied on prosthetics since she was a teenager. In a web-exclusive scene from Right Footed, our latest Fuse Docs film, watch as Jessica goes wedding shoe shopping with her mom and a friend.

Whether she's trying on various styles of heels and wedges or swiping her credit card and signing the screen, Jessica manages to go about her typical errands using only feet.

You saw Right Footed star Jessica Cox and her husband Patrick Chamberlain get married in the documentary. Below, watch the couple tell Fuse about how they met, working as partners and how he learned not to stifle her independence.

Plus, watch the full Right Footed documentary now.

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