May 19, 2017


Jessica Cox on Challenging Herself: 'Discomfort Gives Me Room to Learn'

Life hasn't always been easy for Jessica Cox, star of our latest Fuse Docs film, Right Footed, but that never stopped her from going after her goals. In fact, while Cox understands people's first impulse to help her in life, "It's always important to constantly challenge myself," she tells us.

"It stretches me to be uncomfortable, and those moments of discomfort actually give me room to learn," says Cox, who's not only a two-time Taekwondo black belt but also the world's first armless pilot, and a certified scuba diver.

There's a reason Cox is also a motivational speaker who's traveled the world meeting and working with people with disabilities and their families. "If there's something you want, just do it. Instead of building up all these walls...just do it without even thinking. Once you do it, once you at least take that first step, everything becomes easier."

Watch the full interview above, including Jessica's plans for her next impressive feat. Below, watch Jessica and her husband Patrick talk about how they met, their partnership and how he learned not to stifle her independence.

Plus, watch the full Right Footed documentary now.