May 17, 2017


'Right Footed' Star Jessica Cox & Husband Patrick Talk Marriage & Partnership

Jessica Cox is the star of Right Footedpart of Fuse Docs. Born without arms, Jessica overcame many challenges early in life. Deciding never to let her disability hold her back, Cox went on to become the first armless licensed airplane pilot, get her black belt in Taekwondo and more. It was at her Taekwondo classes that she met Patrick Chamberlain, her future husband.

Above, the couple reveals how they first met and how a passing attraction turned into more. Plus, Jessica and Patrick discuss how they work as partners, supporting each other in different ways, and how Patrick has learned not to stifle his wife's independence.

Watch the interview above, which includes the cute couple working together to solve a cooperative, puzzle game. Below, watch Jessica talk about finding "room to learn" in the discomfort of new challenges.

Plus, watch the full Right Footed documentary now.