May 8, 2017


Starley Shares the Divine Conversation That Created 'Call on Me': Fuse First Interview

From first listen, Starley's "Call on Me" is one of those instant, feel-good songs that is equal parts uplifting and comforting. But the Australian singer-songwriter shares that her breakout single came from her nearly forgoing her dream of being an artist to be a behind-the-scenes songwriter after years of hustling. Fuse is proud to name Starley as our new Fuse First artist and share the inspiring story that created the rising hit:

"I was in my bedroom figuring how I was going to put my life back together. I had the keyboard in front of me and I started to play some chords, I had just poured out my heart on the keys and I started writing 'Call on Me.' As I was writing that, it was me talking to God, asking God, 'Why would You put something that I want to do so bad in my heart and soul that wasn't meant for me?' 

"What I was realized at that time was that I was the only one who could get myself out of it. It wasn't God that was going to pluck me out of it, and be like, 'Okay, here's your blessing!' It doesn't really work that way, it's more you have to pull yourself out the situation. After I wrote it, I felt like I don't think anyone can sing this the way that I sing it."

Watch above for the full story on why Starley considered "Call on Me" her "one last shot," how the its Ryan Riback remix changed the single's fate, why she always felt different among other people growing up and more.

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