May 16, 2017


Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley Talks New Video, Admits Being Nervous: ‘There Was Nothing Planned’

Seven months after releasing their sixth studio album, 13 Voices, the pop-punk veterans dropped head-banging worthy visuals for their second track off the album, "Goddamn I'm Dead Again."

Deryck Whibley reveals that fans were recruited when the band announced "we're doing a video, if anyone wants to come, show up" at a festival prior to shooting, which is a little different from the digital announcement Whibley drops in the music video where he asks all superfans (a.k.a. Skumfuks) to ditch their plans and join the band at a skatepark party for their video shoot.

Sum 41 definitely didn't want a conventional music video with extras. "We'll do our thing and let the fans do whatever they're gonna do, and we'll just film it," the musician tells Fuse, but admits they were indeed "nervous" about how it was going to turn out.

After watching the video above, check out Whibley talking about their latest album, which helped him with his alcoholism recovery at Warped Tour 2016.