May 11, 2017


#TBT 2013: B.o.B Reflects on the Beauty of His Career Journey

In honor of B.o.B dropping his new album Ether tomorrow, Fuse dug out a 2013 interview with the Georgia rapper for this week's edition of #TBT.

Discussing his past music phases, B.o.B explained the complexity of his career journey that often had him yearning for greener grass. "I used to want to just play rock music, and before that, I wanted to prove that I was more than an MC. And then when I exploded and had huge commercial pop success, I wanted to prove I was an MC again," he said.

But the veteran artist emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself regardless of public opinions.

"I think the beauty is just the journey of it. Even people who feel, you know, repulsed, or they strongly dislike it, that's still an emotion. And it's still invoking something out of people."

For another throwback moment, watch B.o.B walk Fuse through his sixth grade photos: