May 18, 2017


#TBT 2013: Linkin Park Explain Success of Their 'Schizophrenic' Records

As Linkin Park prepare to drop their latest album One More Light, take a look back at the rock band's impressive come up via this week's edition of #TBTSpeaking to Fuse in 2013, frontmen Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda discussed why their albums resonated with so many fans.

"Everything is about timing. You can't pick that timing—that's what makes it special. We happened to create something that talked to a lot of different kinds of people. It wasn't just a heavy rock record. It wasn't just a hip-hop record," Bennington explains, describing Hybrid Theory and Meteora as "schizophrenic records."

One More Light, out tomorrow, is Linkin Park's seventh studio album and features a different sonic approach with tracks like "Good Goodbye,"  "Heavy" alongside Kiiara and "Battle Symphony." You can also catch the guys on tour with Machine Gun Kelly this summer starting July 27.

For another throwback moment, watch Bennington discuss the band's debut music video and their epic 2006 GRAMMYs performance with Jay Z and Paul McCartney: