June 1, 2017


#TBT 2014: Jack Antonoff Talks State of the Music Video

After debuting with Strange Desire in 2014, Bleachers is finally back with sophomore album Gone Now, out June 2. In honor of #TBT, we dug up an interview with frontman Jack Antonoff, who discussed genres he'd like to explore and the state of the music video industry.

The guitarist expressed his desire to mix hip-hop with a '90s alt-rock sound. "It's a weird time where you could really do anything. You could push any styles together, and it's all kind of working," he told Fuse host Esteban Serrano. "I love Kanye [West]. I love Vic Mensa...There's a lot of good stuff going on."

Antonoff also shared his thoughts on the so-called dying art of the music video, which he definitely didn't believe in.

"Visuals can't die. Just the way music can't die. It's just the way people consume it. The idea that music videos are dead or these videos are dead—none of that's real. It's just about trying to find different ways to do it and get it out there."

Keep the Bleachers memories going with Fuse's Bonnaroo 2015 interview with Antonoff, in which he discusses the difference between Bonnaroo and other festivals: