June 19, 2017


Bleachers' Jack Antonoff Talks 'Gone Now' & Bringing Childhood Bedroom on Tour

On location at Firefly Music Festival 2017, Fuse caught up with Bleachers, aka Jack Antonoff, along with new furry friend Scarlet, courtesy of the Brandywine SPCA. Talking to us after his Firefly set, Antonoff proudly says "Today was great. It was a show I'll remember for a long time."

Bleachers' new studio album Gone Now just dropped earlier in June and Antonoff spoke with us about the headspace he was in while writing the project. "I learned a lot about myself writing the album because there wasn't many places I didn't go," he reflects.

Above, Antonoff explains why he took his actual childhood bedroom, from the New Jersey home he lived in until he was 27, on tour as an art exhibit for fans to experience while listening to the new album. "The whole point is to put people in that space with all that energy, and have them hear the album there...It's sort of this absurd statement on moving on–what you can and can't take with you," Antonoff tells us.

Below, check out a throwback 2014 interview with Jack Antonoff where he discusses the state of the music video, his desire to mix unexpected genres on future projects, and artists he wants to collaborate with: