June 26, 2017


Finding the Best Totems at Firefly Music Festival 2017

On location at Firefly Music Fest 2017, Fuse host and YouTube star Arnold Telagaarta hits the festival grounds to find the best totems. "What's a totem," you ask? They're the tall, sign-looking things people hold at festivals. People hold them as fun concert props or as a way for groups of friends to find each other.

A festival totem can be a tall flag, flying free in the wind, or even a giant board depicting the face of a celebrity or cartoon character. Above, watch Arnold track down some of Firefly Fest's best totems and find out why those fans decided on that design.

Below, watch rapper Waka Flocka play with some adorable puppies at Firefly Fest! Oh, and he also chats with us about why he loves Firefly, his first concert, and why he doesn't focus on charts when making music. Sorry–puppies. so. distracting.