June 16, 2017


Fletcher Makes Friendship Bracelets and Discusses Her New Sound

The 2017 Firefly Music Festival is officially in full swing, and Fuse was on the ground with rising singer-songwriter Fletcher to talk lyric tattoos, her revamped sound and her adorable friendship with Maggie Rogers.

Performing at her second-ever festival, Fletcher was stoked about the crowd's positive feedback to her latest material. Describing her previous work as "big and anthemic" and "empowering," she called her upcoming project "more self-introspective."

"This new music is really more self-introspective and talking about some things that I haven't spoken about before, like moving to Los Angeles and being super heartbroken over a relationship. But it's about finding love again and learning to love myself," she explains.

The Spotify sensation also revealed which of her own lyrics she'd permanently ink on her body.

"If I were to tattoo my own lyrics on myself, I would tattoo, 'If I'm gonna fall, it'll be from high places.' It's one of my favorite lyrics that I've ever written. When I'm writing my lyrics, I'm like, 'Would somebody tattoo this?' And if not, you gotta scrap it," she says.

Fletcher also made time for some arts and crafts during the interview, creating a colorful friendship bracelet for Rogers, her former college roommate and fellow Firefly performer. "I'm gonna crash her set and sing with her a little bit."

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