June 23, 2017


K.Flay Shows Off Her 'Cute-Ass' Photo, Names Favorite Rappers

Rising hip-hop act K.Flay juggled a tight schedule at the 2017 Firefly Music Festival, leaving her with zero spare time to peep the eclectic lineup. Having already committed to officiating a friend's wedding, the singer had just enough time to perform her set and play arts and crafts with Fuse.

Fresh off the release of her second studio album, K.Flay described Every Where Is Some Where as "definitely more in an alternative, indie-rock space" than any of her previous material. But despite a clear appreciation for various genres, the Illinois native admitted that music didn't click for her until later in life.

"To be honest, I wasn't super into music growing up—emotionally, you know? It took me getting onto the creative side of it to understand that, and then I was like, 'Oh, this is really complicated and extremely nuanced,'" she explains.

In addition to shouting out acts like J. ColeKendrick Lamar and A Tribe Called Quest, K.Flay named OutKast as her all-time favorite hip-hop artist. "They've always been outside of a genre and incredibly original and unique."

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