June 16, 2017


Maggie Rogers Excited to Play For Friends and Family at Firefly Music Fest 2017

"I was a camp counselor for four years, and I went to camp for twelve...So you really put me in my element," singer/songwriter Maggie Rogers tells Fuse while perfecting a popsicle-stick picture frame at our fun arts and crafts station at Firefly Music Fest 2017.

Maggie reveals Firefly fest isn't just her first-ever festival gig, but also like a homecoming show for the Maryland native. "I've got friends from middle school coming, friends from high school coming–I'm really excited to see everybody," she gushes.

Maggie's family and grade-school friends aren't the only familiar faces she's seen at Firefly. Her NYU classmate and fellow pop singer Fletcher is also performing at the fest this weekend! After finding out Fuse was interviewing Fletcher later that day, Maggie makes her college friend a friendship bracelet. Watch her full interview above, then check out Fletcher getting the friendship bracelet in our interview with her below: