June 6, 2017


#AskFluffy Ep. 2: Gabriel Iglesias Reveals His Ideal Wrestling Name

After dropping Episode 1 of our three-part series #AskFluffy, we're back with another batch of pressing fan questions for Fluffy's Food Adventures star Gabriel Iglesias.

Fluffy's Twitter followers seemed to have wrestling on their minds, as he received back-to-back questions about his ideal ring name and opponents. Revealing his very on-brand stage name, The Fluffster, Iglesias also shouted out John Cena and wrestling in jorts.

When Esteban from Los Angeles asked for advice on what to eat, Fluffy was quick to recommend a famous one-man stand serving Mexican corn on the cob with all the fixings.

Missed anything this season? Recap everything that went down on Fluffy's Food Adventures, including recaps, exclusive web extras, photo galleries and more. Need more words of wisdom from Gabe? Check out Episode 1 of #AskFluffy for his thoughts on comedians and large penises: