June 13, 2017


#AskFluffy Ep. 3: Gabriel Iglesias Proudly Announces Love for Mayo

In our third and final #AskFluffy episode, Gabriel Iglesias sits down with Fluffy's Food Adventures co-star Alfred Robles to answer a fresh batch of fan questions.

This time around, the comedians tackle a tough situation involving an angry mother who wasn't too happy that her daughter, Loreene, forgot to buy her a birthday gift. Hoping to help fix the awkward ordeal, Fluffy tells Loreene, "Take her to eat! She can't be all angry if she's eating. Well, she can. But at least she'll have something in her mouth, so she can't yell at you."

On another food-related note, Iglesias revealed his favorite condiments—including the unpopular mayonnaise. Proudly claiming the fries-with-mayo combo, Fluffy clearly doesn't discriminate when it comes to french fry condiments.

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