June 20, 2017


Fluffy At Home Ep. 1: So Fresh and So Clean

Excited for the new season of Fluffy's Food Adventures? Want to see what life off set is like for series star Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias? Say hello to the first installment of Fluffy At Home, a three-part digital series introducing fans to Iglesias' life at his Fluffy Compound.

In this week's episode, Fluffy gets styled and primped by his talented barber, Mr. Lam. "I'm about to get a haircut, and I'm very fortunate that Lam here knows exactly how I like it!"

Also making a special appearance are Fluffy's dogs, Risa and Vinny, whom the comedian once jumped in front of a bus to save. "[Vinny] brings me that much joy and happiness," he says.

Watch as Iglesias explains why he built an in-home barber station in the first place. Then, explore Fluffy's expansive VW Bus collection: