July 7, 2017


'Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow First Date': Big Freedia Meets Her Puppet

In the second installment Puppet Sh!tshow First Dates, we are introducing the New Orleans bounce star to her diva-ish puppet and you can best believe she'll be in for a huge surprise.

"I hope it's a diva like me, girl down!," Big Freedia says before entering. Get ready for a slew of "Oh My God's" from Freedia as she enters the room and sees her mini me sitting promptly on the couch, waiting for the original Queen Diva's arrival. 

Watch as the bounce queen admires her mysterious Hershey chocolate puppet and gives points on the marionette's hairdo. Check out iTunes and our Hulu Fuse Channel for full episodes.

Next, watch the first episode of Puppet Sh!tshow First Dates featuring model/actress Amber Rose: